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About Ed
An Australian old fart getting older.
My opinions are based on what I believe to be true.
Act on my opinions at your own risk.
Be it real or simulated, I focus on car control and awareness.
My iRacing history has confused some, "your driving doesn't match the stats".
I prefer iRacing practice sessions, not official race sessions with "arcaders".
In practice sessions I can enjoy impromptu racing with friends.
My primary account hasn't entered an official race since 2011 as a rookie.
Between my rookie errors and other drivers' egos & errors, it turned me off (i)racing.
I've since grasped the art of driving a computer and better manage / avoid track incidents.
I may be found in the occasional hosted race opposed to official race sessions.
I don't have a gaming background.
Professionally trained in various forms of advanced driver techniques,
iRacing (since 2011) allows me to enjoy old skills in the safety and comfort of home.

Formerly a professional driver (cars, trucks, stretch limos).
Participated in numerous "mock races" on a real race track.
Be it real or simulated, I focus on car control and awareness.
My (iRacing) philosophy is simple - learning car control naturally leads to speed.
Learning to drive a computer sim online with the benefit of a 'reset' button... drive it like you stole it.
Smash it. Crash it. Bash it. Experience all limits. (Preferably without affecting others).
Steering your vehicle. The wheel is to point direction, the pedals are to steer & guide your vehicle.
Time permitting, I enjoy discussing techniques.
Why this site:
Somewhere to keep links and information without having to dig through the forum again.
It started as notes in my iRacing bio for the rookies I helped.
After regularly exceeding the bio character limit was created.
Why I accept donations/contributions:
Your contribution will pay hosting to keep this site alive.
Alternatively, I'd welcome a job offer.
Thanks to the handful of generous folks that have contributed in the past.
My hardware:
I still use a Logitech G27; no mods except a Bodnar USB cable (higher resolution) for the pedals.
My computer: i5 750@ 2.67GHz, 12gb ram, GeForce GTX760 2gb, 3x Asus VE247H, Windows 7 x64.
(I upgraded from: i3 530@ 2.93GHz with Geforce GTS250 on single monitor).
More about my 3 monitor configuration: 3monitors.
My rig: the kitchen table.
Are you frustrated with your progress on iRacing? Consider:
   Some iRacers fixate on (over)analysing numbers with limited benefit
  • An inexperienced driver first needs to learn the fundamentals.
  • Analytics may assist an experienced driver advance further.
   Some iRacers leave due to frustration
  • They have not focused adequately on the fundamentals.
  • Asking for a "good set" doesn't address the fundamentals.
  • Their configuration may be fundamentally inappropriate.
  • Ultimately they leave without learning how to drive on iRacing.
My rookies page includes some basic information and related links.

Please REPORT broken links & errors
As the content grows it outgrows the 1 person maintaining it.

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