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Mount Panorama located in Bathurst NSW Australia
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Mount Panorama (Motor Racing Circuit) is awe inspiring.
Renown for the V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000.
Track opened in 1938. 23 turns. 6.2 km long including 1.9 km Conrod Straight.
iRacing added the track 2013 Season 3.
iRacing's youtube clip: "Bathurst: Behind the scenes"
Darrell Waltrip 3 time Nascar champ and Speed commentator calls iconic Mount Panorama a "geological oddity".
The clip below made me laugh so much I made this page for it. Clip uploaded by V8 Supercars.
In memory of "The King of the Mountain", Peter G Brock AM (1945-2006).
Peter Perfect aka Brocky, an Aussie motor racing legend.
"Dancing around better than Fred Astaire"

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