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Be Alert! a personal compilation of iRacing tweaks, links & information.
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2017: Tim B. MACCI. Jamie K. Ruddy H. Roman C. David C. Brad N. Johnathan K. Scott M. Dylan C. site updates suspended (18 November 2016)
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06/2017: Facebook removed the (above) linked post.
8 months of links and info vanished without reason!

After 4 years, has outgrown the 1 person maintaining it,
especially with Facebook deleting information I was compiling.

With support the site will remain hosted as is.
Random posts may be added to facebook.

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Before logging into iRacing, I run START-PROGS.cmd file shown below
Use at your own risk; to do similar:
Open a .txt file, enter your command lines, save and rename the file to .cmd
'rem' stops the line from executing

(The 'forward' slashes execute on my win7 computer; I couldn't display 'backward' slashes here).

timeout /T 1
rem timeout /T 1
rem start "" "C:/Program Files/Shedsoft/iRDDU/iC2.exe"

rem timeout /T 1
rem start "" "C:/Program Files/Trading Paints/trading paints.exe"

timeout /T 1
rem iSpeed
cd C:/Program Files (x86)/iSpeed
start "" iSpeed.exe

rem timeout /T 2
rem cd C:/Program Files/Windows Media Player
rem start "" wmplayer.exe /playlist race

rem shiftlight
timeout /T 2
cd C:/Program Files (x86)/shiftlight
rem start "" mspec_gui.exe COM3
start "" mspec_shift.exe COM3

rem teamspeak
rem have to plug in wheel before i start it
rem timeout /T 2
rem start "" "C:/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client/ts3client_win32.exe"

rem google chrome
timeout /T 2
cd "C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application"
start "" chrome.exe
rem start "" chrome.exe
timeout /T 2
start "" chrome.exe file:///C:/Users/EDR/Documents/iRacing/setups/!conversions.jpg

rem cd C:/Users/EDR/Documents/iRacing/!iracing my notes/
rem start "" !psi-kpa.jpg

rem @pause
Olof's iAppStarter App
A program that starts other applications whenever iRacing is started.
Displaylink extend ON for 4th monitor (connected via USB)
%windir%/System32/DisplaySwitch.exe /extend

Displaylink back to 3 monitors (connected via USB)
%windir%/System32/DisplaySwitch.exe /internal

Change Windows personalization THEME to turn off AERO

Please REPORT broken links & errors
As the content grows it outgrows the 1 person maintaining it.

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Goal: $24 per month
for website hosting
Thank you
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